Decked is a deck editor/sealed deck generator for Magic: The Gathering. It features include filters and support for limited card pools, making it useful for building a sealed or draft deck. It was intended to fill in a missing piece of the non-Windows online Magic experience.

This software is intended to supplement Mindless Automaton, by Salvatore Valente. It is available at


This software has been all but abandoned. I will add bugfixes for what is already implemented if requested, but have no plans to finish the functionality of this version of the software. The next version will have a GUI hand-coded to use Gtk2. The Gtk1 Perl bindings are rather poor, and at least serious bug in them will prevent filters from being implemented. The fact that Glade was used doesn't help matters.

Notable missing features include:


Magic: The Gathering is the trademark of Wizards of the Coast.

I am not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast in any way.

This software is NOT an official product of Wizards of the Coast, nor is it endorsed by them in any way.

While not explicit anywhere I can find, Apprentice is likely a trademark of Dragonstar Studios. This software makes use of several databases that were originally intended to be used with Apprentice. Apprentice is available for Windows at


Useful Actions

In any mode, you can right click on a card to view it in a window. Artwork is unimplemented at this time, but planned in the future.

You can also left click on the column titles in the card pool to sort the current pool by that column's information. This is slightly buggy at this time, and is one of the reasons the GUI is getting ported to Gtk2 ASAP.

Menu Options

Modes of Use

Decked offers the user two separate modes. One, called Unlimited Mode, offers the entire cardpool for use in constructing a deck. The other, Limited Mode, is the opposite. It's for building a deck out of a limited cardpool. This is useful, for example, with the sealed deck generator. Specifics of each mode are explained below.

Unlimited Mode

In unlimited mode, the card pool is just that: unlimited. You can add as many of a particular card to a deck as you wish.

Double clicking a card in the card pool will add a single copy of that card to your deck.

Clicking the 'in deck' button will have the same effect, but will move a copy of every card currently selected in the card pool list.

Clicking the 'out deck' button will remove one copy of all cards selected in the deck list. The 'in sb' and 'out sb' buttons work similarly.

The '-->' and '<--' buttons work in a similar fashion, but move one copy of the selected cards back and forth between the deck and sideboard (i.e. the '-->' button moves one copy of all cards selected in the deck list to the sideboard, and vice versa for the '<--' button.

The 'Stats' button allows opens a window containing some statistics about the deck that's currently in the deck list. It does not, currently, automatically update. Just click the button again. You don't need to close the window.

The 'Add Lands' button, not very useful in unlimited mode, allows you to add basic lands directly to your deck.

Limited Mode

Limited mode is essentially just functionality that I wanted when I was using a deck editor to build a limited deck. When limited mode is initialized, all cards added to that initial card pool begin in the sideboard. You then add the cards you want into your deck.

Double clicking a card in the card pool list will move a single copy of that card to your deck from your sideboard. When a card is added to the deck in limited mode, its background will turn yellow in the card pool list. When all copies of that card in the card pool are added to the deck, the letters will grey out as well.

The 'in deck', 'out deck', 'in sb', and 'out sb' buttons are disabled in limited mode.

The '-->', '<--', 'Stats', and 'Add Lands' buttons work as they do in unlimited mode. The '-->' and '<--' buttons affect the card pool list as they do when you double click cards in that list.


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Updated database files can be acquired at , , or at this software's distribution site.


Copyright (c) 2003 Michael Dungan All rights reserved.

This file is free software. It can be modified and/or redistributed under the same terms as Perl itself. Please see the LICENSE file included in the distribution.