Apr 21, 17
Jcnetns has been decommissioned. IRC services have been moved to mrnutty.

Sep 29, 15
Mrnutty is now a VM! The initial disk was cloned from the existing jcnetns VM, pkgs added/removed as needed, and data transferred.

May 16, 15
The temporary laptop hardware for jcnetns became flaky on the 11th, randomly rebooting due to I/O errors with the USB to IDE converter, or the disk itself. A FreeBSD 10.1 VM has been built and is running as a replacement. This install uses modern methods, including freebsd-update and pkg to manage the environment instead of the legacy ports and compiling from source. Only those services needed have been installed (ircd, bind), and email is no longer accessible via smtp/imap/pop3 on this box. Email hosting has been moved to the cloud, as running private mailservers that have to talk to the internet in 2015 is a game of insanity.

Jan 25, 15
jcnetns hardware failure. The motherboard will not POST. The drive has been removed and attached to a laptop, and is now booted and running on newer hardware. We've reached epic ghetto status. It's time for the mac mini virtualization project!

Jan 10, 15
Internet outage caused by the extreme cold weather. The signal to the modem was too low going through the splitter. Since we've removed all services delivered via coax except to the cable modem, the splitter was removed and service restored.

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